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High quality and customer-oriented

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“A-Service excels at converting clients’ traditionally-developed approaches into logical and cost-effective processes. They address problems at the source, examine them from every perspective and then develop innovative solutions based on refreshing insights.”

A-Service is the market leader when it comes to heavy-duty loading and unloading systems, as well as stretch sleevers. We operate on a worldwide scale and have made a conscious decision to specialise in two separate areas of the market because this helps to spread commercial risks. Naturally, we give priority to continuity and stable finances, but this is closely followed by enthusiasm and desire to rise to challenges. It’s all about creating great machines.

Employees of A-Service

Experienced craftsmen who are crazy about engineering – A-Service employs seasoned professionals when it comes to machines, metal processing, electro-engineering and software development.

Engineers also help to construct our machines, while technicians also provide maintenance-related services. This is an unconventional approach, but is extremely effective within our company and helps to optimise quality and job satisfaction.

The products of A-Service

We manufacture robust, customer-specific machines and believe total costs can be minimised by adopting a quality-based approach. Our machines are also subject to less downtime because they require less maintenance. All machines are fully tested before they leave the factory and the whole machine must always be approved by clients in advance.

Family business

A-Service is a true family business. It was founded in 1978 by Jan Asbreuk, as a maintenance company for hydraulic systems. Over time, there was ever increasing demand for more specific machines. Jan Asbreuk decided to hand over the reigns around ten years ago. His son Marco now occupies the position of director, while his other son, Ron, is responsible for the workshop.