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Intralogistics pallet transport

Intralogistics pallet transport

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Opting for an automated Asbreuk Service materials handling system always pays off. We develop our own modules to connect our automatic loading and unloading systems to automated warehouse and production lines. Because we develop them ourselves, we are not only able to connect them seamlessly to our own systems, but also to third party systems.

Our intralogistics modules are fully customised and 100% tested before leaving the factory. A-Service intralogistics systems are robust, maintenance-friendly and offer a stable process. This ensures low maintenance costs and little downtime.

Intralogistics system modules:

  • roller conveyors
  • chain conveyors
  • right-angle transfer units
  • turning stations
  • pallet shuttles
  • lifts
  • cabling
  • control cabinets
  • software

Both centralised and decentralised controls are possible

In general, decentralised control offers most benefits, but there are still circumstances when centralised control is desirable. So we offer both options and determine the best solution depending on the situation.

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Three-dimensional simulation

Need reliable predictions and a clear insight into e.g. the maximum storage capacity, the number of outbound docks required or the personnel needs in all different time periods? We visualise the situation using 3D-simulation. Even before you start to build, you already have the certainty that it will all work exactly as you envisaged. Simulating the warehouse and the process in 3D highlights potential bottlenecks immediately, and tests assumptions based on static drawings straight away.

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Everything under one roof

One point of contact for the design, construction, delivery and maintenance of all software and hardware. That works quickly, efficiently and effectively. Do you want to know whether our intralogistics system will provide added value for your pallet transport? Then call +31 (0541) 521 206.