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Stretch sleevers

Stretch sleevers

A-service is European market leader

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Asbreuk Service specialises in developing and manufacturing stretch sleevers. We supply various types of unique sleeve machines, but they all have the same basic characteristics:

  • Strong and stable
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact
  • CE-certified
  • Very good price/quality ratio
  • Stable transport belt
  • Lightweight clamping unit
  • Clamp-fingers based on compressed air
  • Dual pressure system
  • Drive: pneumatic, electric, servos
  • Inventor of core with minimal resistance
  • Synchronised roller drive
  • Anti-rotation unit

Intelligent stretch sleevers

A-Service is the European market leader when it comes to stretch sleevers for packages with volumes over 2 litres. Our machines are able to place sleeves on e.g. jerry cans, crates, cardboard boxes and PS boxes. We have developed machines that manually, semi-automatically and automatically place sleeves on packages, which offer capacities between 120 and 6,000 sleeves per hour.


A-Service has developed an effective turnkey solution for automatically removing sleeves: the automatic desleever. The system can be expanded, using aerial transport and a briquette press, in order effectively organise waste flow.

Sleeve sealer:
perfect fixation

A-service has developed an automatic sleeve sealer for occasions when sleeves must be fixed to packages. This machine uses heat-sealing components to achieve effective fixation between sleeves and packages.

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