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Having read this article, you will understand the capabilities of automatic loading and unloading systems in combination with fork-lift trucks.

Our truck trailers with automatic loading and unloading systems are mostly used for automated shuttle transport between fixed locations. In such situations, the truck trailer is loaded with a complete pallet load in one shot.

However, it is not generally known that truck trailers can also be loaded using a fork-lift truck with our systems. The fork-lift driver positions the pallets at the rear of the trailer row by row. The automated system is then activated, which creates space for the next row.

This means that these systems can also be loaded and unloaded in a normal loading bay. This can be useful in situations such as during maintenance of stationary systems.


There are three control options:

  1. Manual
    This is the standard option, which we supply with every system. Once a row has been positioned, the system is activated using a cabled control unit. The operator uses the control unit to set the speed and the distance that the system travels.
  2. Pulse automated
    This is an optional feature. Once the user has given the start signal, the row of pallets travels a fixed, programmed distance, at a fixed, programmed speed. This pulse may be provided by a cabled control unit, or by a wireless remote control.
  3. Fully automated
    This is also an optional feature. Each pallet placed is detected by a sensor. Once a complete row has been placed, the system is activated automatically and the row is moved a fixed distance at a fixed speed to make space for the next row.

The option chosen depends on the logistical situation and the fork-lift driver. If fork-lift trucks are used frequently for loading, an automated fork-lift loading system may be an attractive option. This allows the fork-lift driver to load the truck trailer alone, without assistance.

Fork-lift access

In normal situations, when the system operates correctly, the fork-lift need not enter the truck trailer. During major malfunctions – when the system is no longer operational – this may be a practical necessity. Our chain systems are capable of this without modification. The slat systems can optionally be fitted with additional floor reinforcement, which allows fork-lift trucks to drive over them. We require the specifications of the fork-lift truck in advance in such cases.

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